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Travel Guide To Lhokseumawe

  • Indonesia
  • Aceh
  • Lhokseumawe
  • 181.06 km2
  • WIB (UTC+7)
  • Rupiah
  • Aceh,Ind, Eng
  • 180,200
  • Dry Season
  • +62 645
  • 5 districts
  • air, sea
  • 10 University
  • 2
  • 1
  • Islam
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General Information About Lhokseumawe

The name of Lhokseumawe came from word "Lhok" and "Seumawe". Lhok means deep, bay, ocean trenches and Lhokseumawe means the swirling water in the sea along the offshore of Banda Sakti and its surroundings. The city was formerly part of North Aceh Regency, The existence of this region can not be separated from the emergence of the kingdom Samudera Pasai around the 13th century, the area later became part of the sovereignty of Sultanate of Aceh since 1511.


Lhokseumawe City is located between 4? - 5? North Latitude and 96? - 97? East Longitude with an average altitude of 13 meters above sea level. Lhokseumawe set the status of a city based on Law Number 2 of 2001, dated June 21, 2001 Lhokseumawe City is divided into 4 sub districts, 9 residents, 68 villages, and 259 sub-villages with the boundaries of the area.


Lhokseumawe is the second largest city in Aceh Special District, in the north of Sumatra, Indonesia. The population is 180,200. Being between Banda Aceh and the large southern city of Medan, the town is a key regional centre important for the economy of Aceh.


The religion of the majority of the population is Islam, with minorities including Buddhists and Christians (both Protestant and Catholic)


They are widely available all over the city.


Banks are open from Monday to friday, 8:00-16:30 hrs and on Friday, 8:00-15:00hrs; on Saturdays and Sundays they are closed. Central branches of some banks may be found open until 8:00 daily and from 10.00 to 16.30 on Saturdays. For further details while in Lhokseumawe please consult your hotel concierge.


The climate in Lhokseumawe is typically Mediterranean with warm and dry summers.

Credit cards

All major credit cards are accepted in almost all hotels, shops and restaurants. Stickers in the front windows will advise you as to which cards are accepted.


Rupiah is the official currency.


Electricity is 220 V/50 Hz. Plugs are the standard continental (DIN) type with two round pins.


Emergency treatment is free to all in public hospitals. Public and private hospitals can be found in big cities. Small and large islands usually have hospitals and health centres.


Acehnese is the official language. Most sabang people speak English as a foreign language.


Restaurants and Taverns are normally open for lunch from 10:30 to 16:00, for dinner from 19:00 to midnight. coffe shops usually serve food all day long, and some of them stay open till late at night.


The international access code for Lhokseumawe is +62 645 and use phone cards, which can be purchased from kiosks. For information concerning mobile phone use in Lhokseumawe (telephone transmissions are based on GSM technology), please ask your provider.


Lhokseumawe is in the WIB (UTC+7) time zone.


Tipping is not compulsory but is quite usual in Lhokseumawe Hotel

Investment opportunity in Lhokseumawe

New geo-data shows that Lhokseumawe has large under-exploited mineral deposits, manufacturing of affordable equipment and the city has been zoned into specific production areas and in order to ease logistics and supply of agricultural products/source of raw materials. Lhokseumawe is faith based tourism (pilgrimage to the famous Kingdom of Samudra Pasai) Business Ideas You Can Start Today :
  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Cottage
  • Homestay
  • Car Rental
  • Sea Transport
  • Ticketing
  • Money Changer

Investment from the private sectors is open for all people in the world. Investment both local and foreign or joint venture between local and foreign or foreign and public sector is permitted. Visit the Major Investments Office for more information and we can arrange tours to business locations throughout Lhokseumawe, including visits to available sites, investigations of facilities, and meetings with community leaders.

Places Of Interest


Seumadu Island

Seumadu Island is located in Muara Satu, about 10 kilometers east of Lhokseumawe. This island is a tourist spot for the citizens of Lhokseumawe for whom it is easily accessible. The island is also commonly known as Rancong Beach.

Samudera Pasai Kingdom

Samudera Pasai Kingdom was located in Aceh and became the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia. This kingdom was established by Meurah Silu in 1267

Jeulikat Reservoir

The Jeulikat Reservoir is the largest water reservoir located near the down town. Named for the distric of jeulikat, it covers a total area of 2,250 square

Japan Park Hill

Japan Park Hill has some of the most interesting cave sites in lhokseumawe are located at Blang Payang Village

Riyadhah Park

Riyadhah Park is located in the center of the city of lhokseumawe, extending about 4 kilometers from east to west, and about 2 kilometers from south to north

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